Immigration Services

We at Umer Law are on a mission to make immigration to Canada as simple as possible in Edmonton. We want to use our knowledge and experience in immigration services to help aspiring students, talented employees, and visitors get to Canada. Our immigration lawyerΒ is familiar with each customer's specific requirements and ensures that they are met.

How to Move to Canada

  • Economic Immigration

  • Business Immigration

  • Temporary Work Permits

  • Study in Canada

  • Permanent Residece

  • Skilled Foreign Worker Program

Tourist/ Visitor Entry to Canada

  • eTA: Electronic Travel Authorization

  • TRV: Temporary Resident Visas

  • Super Visas

Canada Permanent Residence

  • Express Entry

Inadmissibility Issues and Waivers

  • Medical Inadmissibility

  • Criminal Inadmissibilty

  • Temporary Resident Permit

Temporary Foreign Worker

  • LMIA

  • Home Care Giver/ Support Worker

  • Global Skill Stream

Study in Canada

  • Study Permits

  • Postgrauate Work Permit

  • IEC Co-Op Internship

  • Canadian Experience Class PR

Family Class: Spousal Sponsorship

  • Super Visa

  • Parent Grandparent Program PGP

  • Spousal Open Work Permit

  • Family Class Sponsorship

Canadian Citizenship

  • Canadian Citizenship Application

Canada Work Permit

  • International Mobility Program - IMP

  • Global Talent Stream

  • Intra-Company Job Transfer