Fees For Permanent Residence Effective April 30, 2022


IMPORTANT: Permanent residence fees will increase on April 30, 2022.

Canada is a beautiful country that values cultural and racial diversity. It is well-known for providing excellent opportunities for foreigners seeking to work, live, visit, or even study here. But how much will it cost to immigrate to Canada once the new fee structure is implemented?

IRCC is raising the fees for all PR applications on April 30, 2022. Economic, permit holder, family, and humanitarian classes are included.

However, the fees for the following categories will remain unchanged:

– Employer Specific Work Permits

– Open Work Permits

– Visit Visa

– Tourist Visa

– Permanent Resident Travel Documents

– Permanent Resident Cards

– Replacement and/or Certification Documents

For the first time since 2002, IRCC raised permanent residence fees to account for inflation in 2020. It was announced at the time that fees would be increased every two years to account for inflation.

The Government of Canada supports a cost-effective model for funding government programs in which people who get and benefit directly from the services bear the majority of the expenses.

To see the notification of the Fees Increase, go to Canada Immigration's official online page.

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