Edmonton Real Estate Checklist

The Ultimate Real Estate Buyer and Seller Checklists for Your Convenience

1. Ensure that the Offer of Purchase and Sale specifically refers to which Chattels are included or excluded from the purchase (e.g. appliances, mirrors, drapes, light fixtures, etc.). If possible, include serial numbers.

2. Is there a warranty on the house which can be assigned to a Purchaser? Have there been any significant improvements made to the house recently (e.g. replaced furnace, installed a new roof, etc.). Are the original or other plans and specifications available to a Purchaser? These can be positive selling features and should be brought to the Purchaser’s attention.

3. Confirm the amount of commission due to the real estate agent, as well as who is liable for it and when it is due.

4. Have any issues that must be completed or dealt with before closure been given reasonable time limits?

5. If your Offer to Purchase requires you to give the buyer a Real Property Report and compliance certificate, do so as soon as possible to ensure that you have enough time before closing to secure any further permissions that the local municipality may demand.

  1. Attach conditions to your offer for your own safety, such as:

– Depending on funding

– Building inspection required

– Make sure your contract has a recent Real Property Report with Compliance Certificate.

– The lawyer's permission is required.

2. Always specify a deadline for the seller's acceptance.

3. Make sure the Offer to Purchase and Sale specifies which Chattels are included or excluded from the sale (e.g. appliances, mirrors, drapes, light fixtures, etc.). Include serial numbers if possible.

4. If you're going to assume an existing mortgage, be sure it's possible. Contact the mortgage provider well before the closing to find out what information they want. Make certain you understand your mortgage's terms and conditions.

5. Your offer should include a clause stating that the property's structure and improvements must conform with city and municipal land use bylaws, zoning regulations, and planning department requirements.

6. Get estimates of the fees from your realtor, mortgage lender, and lawyer.