Terms and Conditions for the Immigration MattersΒ 

UMER LAW is an independently owned business that helps customers with immigration and travel document issues. We are not the government and have no ties to any government agency. The Law Society of Alberta regulates certain of our services, and we adhere to its regulations and standards. To learn more, please click here. UMER LAW provides two sorts of services: fixed-price applications and retainer-based services. By using UMER LAW's services, you acknowledge that

Client Responsibilities

When you retain UMER LAW to represent you with regard to any type of application, you undertake several responsibilities as a client, including:

Description of Service

The applicant assumes all responsibility and liability that the information on government forms is true and complete. UMER LAW assumes no responsibility for any errors, omissions or incomplete or illegible information on application forms. Where required, all forms must have an authorized guarantor in order to process them. The applicant must qualify and / or be eligible to receive certificates, passports, and other documents. Eligibility is determined solely by the government in question. The applicant agrees to have made their own travel arrangements – these are not made by UMER LAW on behalf of the client. UMER LAW assumes no responsibility and / or liability for government processing and / or the production of certificates / cards or any other government task. The applicant agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions with regard to payment:

UMER LAW provides Urgent / Rush / Accelerated Service only when the following terms and conditions are met:

UMER LAW provides Regular Service when the following terms and conditions are met:


All fixed-price services are subject to a minimum cancellation fee of $42.50. Increases to the cancellation fee are assessed for each application in relation to how much work has already been completed on the file. All fixed-price application fees are non-refundable once the application has been submitted to the appropriate government agency. All fixed-price application fees paid are non-refundable 6 months after the payment has been processed if the application has not yet been submitted to the appropriate government agency. If a service is cancelled prior to payment of any balance due, the balance of fees owed for this service are still owed if cancellation is initiated.

Sending documents to our office by mistake


The basic charge for a consultation is $225 + GST (additional rates apply for specialized consultation services), which covers a one-hour session in person or over the phone. For appointments lasting more than 30 minutes, clients will be charged an extra consultation cost. Consultations are provided free of charge with the purchase of any UMER LAW service. If you purchase a consultation before deciding to utilize our services, the consultation price can usually be applied to your service fees (exceptions are listed on the specific application forms). If you meet with a UMER LAW representative about a fixed-price service and decide not to acquire the service at the end of the discussion, you must still pay the consultation fee.


UMER LAW stands by all of its work. If you feel we did not submit the best application possible on your behalf, you may seek the contact information of the General Manager at UMER LAW, who will assess your case. You are also offered the opportunity to give feedback at the conclusion of your application so that we can improve our service in the future.